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Typical Uses for Low Pressure Two-Component Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Low pressure two-component foam kits or refillable tanks (systems) are often used for small to mid-size air sealing and insulation projects. Here are just a few of the many applications: 

  • Small to mid-size spaces: Used to air seal and insulate crawl spaces and other small areas within a home or building.
  • Stud wall cavities: For sealing and coating the perimeter of stud wall cavities.
  • Enhance primary insulation: Can work in conjunction with primary insulation to fill small holes, seams or gaps. It enhances the primary insulation by air sealing and therefore contributing to a more energy efficient structure.
  • Hybrid insulation applications: For sealing in conjunction with flash and batt or hybrid insulation systems.
  • Attic and rim joist retrofit: Used to air seal and insulate attics and in rim joist retrofit applications.
  • Roof sealing around protrusions: Can be used for sealing around faulty flashings, vents or equipment.
  • Repair polyurethane roofs: For repairing pin holes, filling cracks and patching polyurethane roofs to insulate against heat loss, often after HVAC equipment changes.  Roof repairs are often conducted with 3 lb. per cubic ft. foam (versus lower density foam) because its higher compression strength contributes to a strong repair.


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