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I’m a Weatherization Contractor/Professional

As energy efficiency continues to grow in importance, so does the use and knowledge of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for the weatherization contractor/professional. This site is intended for the weatherization professional, meaning a contractor working on a job for hire to install a particular kind of SPF called low pressure two-component foam often sold in kits.  These contractors can also install another type of product, insulating foam sealant (sometimes called one-component foam (OCF) or “foam in a can.”)

This section does not address high pressure two-component SPF systems used by professional SPF contractors. If you are a contractor installing high pressure two-component SPF insulation, refer to guidance specific to this material in “I’m an SPF contractor/building and construction professional.”

Why select SPF insulation? It can...


Installing low pressure SPF insulation as a weatherization professional:


What should I know about how SPF insulation works?




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