spray polyurethane foam, health and safety

Trimming and Cutting

Trimming and cutting of high-pressure spray polyurethane foam (SPF) may be necessary after application. A study specifically conducted to evaluate particulates generated during trimming and cutting of SPF insulation, one hour after application, concluded isocyanates were not detected, indicating that exposure to these SPF components is not likely when trimming is conducted (Spence and Graham, 2010).

Personal protection equipment (PPE) may be needed during trimming and cutting. PPE may include, but is not limited to, chemical-resistant gloves, coveralls for skin and clothing protection, eye protection, and respiratory protection for inhalation exposure to dust and other SPF chemicals. These PPE recommendations are supported by a study completed on SPF monitoring and re-occupancy of high-pressure open-cell applications to new residential constructions (Robert, Wood, Anderson; 2014 Polyurethane Technical Conference Paper).

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