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Insulating Foam Sealant Products

Aerosol cans (typically 12-24 oz.): In addition to spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation products, a smaller sized insulating foam sealant product is available in a can called one-component foam. You've no doubt noticed that with the two-component insulation products, the chemicals that make up the foam have been kept separated in different drums or containers until mixed. The one-component "foam in a can" product has already been partly mixed and partly reacted. That's one of the reasons why this product is widely available to homeowners as a do-it-yourself product in home improvement stores; it does not require professional training or sophisticated personal protective equipment and respirators to use. Glasses/goggles, gloves and full-coverage clothing (e.g., long sleeves) should be worn when spraying one-component foam in a can. Provide ventilation and avoid breathing vapors until the foam has hardened. See guidance on using insulating foam sealant for more information.

These portable, one-component foam sealant products are used by do-it-yourselfers (and professionals) for small "bead-type" applications, such as sealing windows, doors and filling small gaps and cracks. They are typically dispensed using a straw or small dispensing gun. These "canned" foam products have specific safety information on the label which should be carefully followed.

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