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Chemical Storage and Handling

It is important that SPF chemicals be stored properly before and during use on the job site. Improper storage conditions can make the components unusable, and also can create a potential for fire and/or explosion. It is also important to store materials which are incompatible with each other separately.

Storing drums in a secured cool area away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and general storage areas helps protect them. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the temperature at which to store drums; typically, temperatures between 45 and 75ºF are suggested. Materials which are allowed to freeze and then thaw, or overheat, can present hazards, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions with respect to storage. Ventilate the storage space well, and locate the storage space away from possible sources of ignition.

For more information about chemical storage and handling, trimming and cutting, chemicals used for coating and priming, and cleanup and equipment maintenance, refer to those sections in the  ACC CPI Health and Safety Product Stewardship Workbook for High Pressure Application of SPF.

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